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Behold: A new instrumental single is upon us!

“Known” isn’t just a new inspirational instrumental, but a powerful video experience! We hope that this video connects you to God’s heart for you!

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On The Waves

Our worship single: "On The Waves", written by Joy Willett. Even in the storm, God is with us and calling us to Himself. Available now on all major digital stores!

For My Freedom

Our worship single, "For My Freedom", written by Daniel and Joy Willett. Jesus Christ has conquered death and defeated sin so we can have eternal life in freedom with Him! Available now on all major digital stores!


Our instrumental single, "Awaken", composed by Daniel Willett. Christ came to give us abundant life! He has called us to an adventure with Him! Available now on all major digital stores!

Worship Album

Instrumental Album

About Us

Awaken Music is a collective of worshipers, founded by Daniel & Joy Willett who are co-pastors and worship leaders at Awaken Life Church in Phoenix, AZ. We have a passion for intimate, authentic worship and creating songs that explore vulnerability and connecting with Jesus! We pray that you will encounter Him through this music!


Awaken Life Church

Awaken Life Church is the home church of Awaken Music!

“Our desire is to see people empowered to become everything that God says they are in Christ Jesus. Our God is so much better than we have ever imagined! Our job as shepherds of this house is to reveal the fullness of God’s love and grace toward his children. We are on a journey of discovering the amazing love of a good father who loves his children dearly. It’s HIS loving kindness that leads us to repentance and helps us see our true identity in Christ Jesus!”

~Pastor Daniel Willett

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